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Services to Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, and their Families

Military service can bring stress not just for service members, but also for their families, friends, and neighbors. Deployment, reintegration, and combat injuries common today can add to the mental and emotional strain. When those stresses do occur, it’s not always easy for those affected to know where to turn for help.

Health Services, Inc. is committed to meeting the ongoing needs of veterans of military service, active duty military personnel, and their families. Licensed behavioral health professionals undergone specialized training to understand and sensitively deal with military issues and the unique needs of this population.

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Health Services, Inc. is a Veterans Choice Provider

If you are a veteran in need of medical care, including mental or behavioral healthcare, and live 40 minutes away from the nearest VA Medical Facility – or if the nearest VA Medical Facility has a wait time of over 30 days for an appointment – you are eligible to receive medical care from a VA Choice Provider.

Simply dial 1-855-722-2838, press 1 and request an appointment within a Health Services, Inc.’s healthcare facility nearest you. 

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